Kupat Tzfat

Unfortunately, the world has always had families that are in dire financial stress, especialy in Tzfat. Now especialy there are many families in need. Kupat Tzfat  was created to help the poor of Tzfat across all local comunities, regardless of affiliation. All Rabbis of Tzfat support this important organization. 

Kupat Tzfat's programs:

  • Shabbos Fund - Grocery store coupons are given to families who need food for Shabbos.

  • Utilities Fund - Helping families from having their electricity, water and gas from being cut off.

  • Debt Fund -  Help families pay off debts that are crushing their lives.

  • Choson Vkalla Fund - Help pay for the wedding expenses of poor familes

  • Widow & Orphan Fund - Donate to poor widows and orphans.

Kupat Tzfat is a 501c3 nonprofit and contributions are tax deductible